Instructions for Authors

Submissions must be prepared following this guideline.

Please read this document carefully. Energy Informatics 2019 uses a modified BMC template to simplify the submission and production processes for authors. Be sure to read the following instructions as well as the notes below. If you have any questions about the template, please feel free to contact

  1. Download the BMC style files from
  2. Extract ONLY the following files from the ZIP file (located in the bmc_template folder):
    • bmcart.cls
    • bmc-mathphys.bst
  3. Download the example article files from
  4. Extract all files from the ZIP file into the same folder as the BMC files in 2.
  5. Replace the content, author information, title etc. in the exampleEI19.tex and exampleEI19.bib files as needed.


  • Do NOT follow the instructions in the readme.html file from the BMC style files!
  • Do NOT use the example file bmc_article.tex from the BMC style files!
  • Do NOT use other biblography styles, style files or citation styles. Only use the provided files!


  • Please place figures and tables in the text where needed. Do NOT place figures or tables at the end of the document.
  • Please do NOT use DOIs in your bibliography. The style file does not support certain types of DOIs and breaks if they are used.
  • Please use high-resolution PNG or PDF files as figures whenever possible.
  • Please keep the sections in the backmatter and fill out all required information.

All submission should be made as PDF files (with all fonts embedded) to the Energy Informatics 2019 EasyChair submission site.